Girls' Frontline

Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.
Dernières mise à jour: 2022-08-12 Version: 2.0900_375
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Girls’ Frontline is a strategy game set in the year 2060, and this world is now filled with a lot of darkness as well as chaos. The game is a project by the Darkwriter Software Co, LTD, and now the players who have survived the chaos that happened in this world have a responsibility. They have to restore this world and revisit the past. Players have to command their T-Dolls and use the best tactics to struggle in this world, and it is a game that fights for the future as well as for mankind.

Real-Time Battles with Firearm Characters

Girls’ Frontline features several battles, and we have to deal strategically to face these all battles. If the enemies need to be engaged, we must place the engaging ones to the front while damage dealers are placed at the battles. The victory depends on how you change how you deal with and position your T-Dolls on the battlefield.
Girls’ Frontline provides players with more than 100 characters to deal with these battles, and they come all their way from WWII to wait until you give them the orders. And for the most engaging gameplay with these all features, you have LDPlayer 9 with the best features.

New missions with Enchelons

The career quests in this game are designed to unlock more and more new missions, and T-Dolls are always prepared to deal with the best fights they have made. The game also asks to collect so many Enchelons so they can defend or fight for your headquarters. So have your all efforts to lead these all T-Dolls army until they make it a success

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